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Protest and Art Education


PoCA begins its activity for 2011 with an urgent response to the current Governmental actions against public education and the recent protests against them.

A series of workshops, followed later in the year by a public meeting, will explore the pertinent issues in view of the current enthusiasm within the art world for de-institutionalising art education, as protest, and, on the other hand, the protests against government attack on publicly funded education as a demand for *maintaining* the status quo in education (if not a return to the status quo ante).

Aside from thinking past the obvious but usually unstated contradiction between these two kinds of protest - one against and one for state supported educational institutions - the aims and structures of the education system within the parameters of reduced resources need in any case to be rethought.

If we are to think a future building of education, and especially an arts education, then on what terms is this to be undertaken?

If this question of (arts) education is not restorative, conservative and nostalgic, then what can it be, and what forms of action and thinking can operate within this changing system whilst seeking systematic change?

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Wed 2nd February 2011
Workshop #1:

The first PoCA session this year was an introductory Workshop that explored what the key priorities should be for those working within art colleges and art departments in universities in light of the recent 'exodus' model presented by much artist and curator-led 'alternative' art school activity happening around the world. Examples of these include ArtSchoolUK, The Public School, and many others.

The group at the workshop explored what necessities have driven these models into existence, and why is their such urgency in their inherent critique that formal art schools within the further and higher education sector are failing artists.

PoCA is collating responses to these and other questions regarding the recent protests against UK government cuts in funding for the arts and funding for further and higher education.

These responses (key questions and priorities) will be developed at the next workshop (details to be announced soon). The findings will then be presented at a larger public event later in the Spring 2011.

If you would like to take part in the next workshop please email: