Critique and Its Institutions (Archive)

This research strand is now closed. Below are various links to recordings and texts that were generated through the research over 2006-2007: 


October 2007
National (Re)Presentation, Four Sessions at Witte de With with Claire Beke, Annie Fletcher, Nick Hackworth, Nicoline van Harskamp, Munira Mirza, Daniel van der Velden, Olav Velthuis, (4-25 October) for further details click here ...

Audio files:

Panel on 'The Consequences of Capital?' at Pilot:3, Chelsea School of Art and Design, 
(12 October)

June 2007
• Discussion at Pilot:3 in Venice: The Venice Biennale: Art in the Transition from Nation-State to Global Assemblage (Amanda Beech, Charles Esche, Suhail Malik, Andrea Phillips, Saskia Sassen), (10 June) listen to audio file ...

• Discussion: 'Resistance or Invention? Contemporary Art and Global Capital Assemblages'(Amanda Beech, Suhail Malik, Andrea Phillips) , part of 'Local Operations' at Serpentine Gallery, (25 June)

Audio files:

March 2007
• Research Group: Carl Schmitt's 'Political Theology' and 'The Concept of the Political', (February –  March)

• Work in Progress Seminar: Michael Hirsch, 'Art and Politics: Models of Confusion and Models of Distinction', (9 March)

• Work in Progress Seminar: Malcom Quinn & Matthew Poole, 'Chance, Choice and Suspension' (class organization through Bourdieu's Pascalian Mediations), (22 March)

• Screening: Italian Autonomia films, (23 March)

February 2007
• Seminar with Franco 'Bifo' Beradi (micropolitics strand), (9 February) listen to audio file ...

• Public Discussion Panel for Aernout Mik: Solo Exhibition at Camden Arts Centre (Steve Klee, Suhail Malik, Andrea Phillips), (21 February)

January 2007
• Public Discussion Panel for 'Lapdogs of the Bourgeoisie', Gasworks Gallery, London, 
(26 January)


December, 2006
Seminar on 'Lapdogs of the Bourgeoisie', Gasworks Gallery, London, (14 December)

November, 2006
Seminar Series: 'Critique and Its Institutions'
Discussion of following texts: 

1. Andrea Fraser & Lisa Le Fevre 
2. Amanda Beech 'Don’t Fight It!' 
3. Phillipe Lacoue-Labarthe: 'Transcendence Ends in Politics'

October, 2006
Jacques Rancière, Art, Politics: Aesthetics, (23 October) listen to audio file ...

Session 1: 'Introduction to Ranciere on art, politics and aesthetics' with Andre Phillips
[Link to video file]
Session 2: 'Research Questions' with Suhail Malik. Steve Klee, Melanie Gilligan, Adrian Rifkin
[Link to video file]

• Discussion of Rancière's 'The Politics of Aesthetics', (16 October)

September, 2006
Conference Paper 'We, All of Whom Are Sovereign: Towards a Critique of Democracy', Andrea Phillips and Suhail Malik, Society for European Philosophy/Forum for European Philosophy Conference, University of Dundee 

June, 2006
Work in Progress Seminar: Claire Bishop and Susan Kelly

May, 2006
Discussion Group:'Capitalism and Artistic Critique', (May – June) 

Research Seminar: 'Law, Democracy and Contemporary Art: Agamben's Exception and Rancière's Singularity', by Andrea Phillips and Suhail Malik (17th May)

March, 2006
Discussion Seminar on 'Art – Critique – Capital', paper by Suhail Malik presented at Showroom Conference 'Artists-Culture and the Spirit of Capitalism' (March 2006), 

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L to R: Matthew Poole, Suhail Malik (hidden), Amanda Beech, Charles Esche,
Saskia Sassen, Andrea Phillips. PILOT:3 discussion, Venice 10 June 2007.

Above: audience at PILOT:3 discussion, Venice 10 June 2007.

Above: audience at PILOT:3 discussion, Chelsea 12 October 2007.